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  • Item #: Lazy Slug

This handy 1.2 oz. ripstop nylon tube allows you to simply cover your hammock even when you have other gear (bug net, under quilt, top quilt, sleeping bag, and other miscellaneous gear) suspended.  This Lazy Slug Tube allows you to compact the gear and stuff it right into your pack.  No need for other stuff sacks with the LST!  When you set up camp, simply open each end of the tube, fasten suspension, slide left, and you are ready to hang!  These are not compression tubes, they go on loose, but help greatly with packing quickly and efficiently into your bag. Weighs only 5.5 oz.!  A Flatline Design

Each tube is 72" long and available in two sizes:

Small: 8" opening on one end and 14" opening on the other.  This is great for summer gear packing.

Large: 11" opening on one end and 20" on the other.  This size will hold all of your winter gear and is our most popular size. 

Colors: Black, Gray, Kelly Green, and Brown, or two tone so you can tell head from foot write me a note in the bos below.

Sold in pairs of (2) 72" long tubes.

The pictures show the LST swallowing a full synthetic under quilt, hammock, and bug net with ease! 


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