1.2 oz. Silnylon, 132"X92". Also with web tie outs or 144" RL option.  All Tarps Made Of Double Coated Silicone Nylon Fabric.

Total pack weight is 11.5 oz. on the 132'' rl and 12.5 on the 144'' rl

Colors: Black, Gray, Forest Green, Brown, Tan                     

Stuff sack measures 7"X4".

Option [1]  Cord Pocket: A net pocket at each tie out for tie out cord to be placed in.  (Not at RL, 4 Corners)

Option [2] Tri-Loop: A pyramid shaped piece of nylon plastic that is attached to our tie outs

Option [3] Side Panel Pulls: A double piece of seal nylon in a circular shape with tie loops to pull sides out.  (1 on each side) you will need these if you order the pole mod.

Option [4] Extra Loops: Get more tie outs along bottom; up to two more one each side. 

Option [5] Lineloc 3: Adjustable locks in plastic easy to tighten cord or loosen up you get [6] with this option and also get longer loops so the lock will work even better.

If you choose line-loc-3's the tri-loops can't be used, choose tri-loop or line-loc-3 you can have one but not both

If you buy the door kit and the pole kit at the same time you order the tarp you will save 10.00 by ordering them at the time you order the tarp. if you want a different color dook kit other than the same as the tarp color write me a note in the special instruction area. If you get the door /pole kit tell me what color door you want.

 If you order the pole kit you must add the panel pulls to the tarp so the pole mod will work.

Our smallest tarp, the Tadpole provides great coverage in summer storms.  We feel that this is the best coverage and price for any tarp this size!

Custom made in North Carolina.  NO CORDAGE COMES WITH THIS TARP.


                                  THIS IS OUR # 1 SELLING TARP








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