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A new way to add some storage for gear to your tarp. The porch is made from silnylon and provides an area to sit, cook and hang out with fellow hikers to tell the latest hiking stories . The porch gives you all this without disturbing your hammock area. The porch attaches very easy with toggles on one end to attach to your panel pulls and gromments on the other end to slip over your hiking pole. The porch is very easy to set up and will work well with our OLD MAN WINTER TARP AND THE BIG DADDY TARP with panel pulls and the BULL FROG TARP with panel pulls, and will work with other tarps that have panel pulls that are around 56" apart. The porch also works as a tie out on the panel pulls to open up your tarp on the inside. Its like having a two room tarp.  Also can be attached to the other side of the tarp over the ridge line if you know its going to rain, and shorten up the hiking poles so the rain will run off that area, this gives a dry area for your gear. With a covered area size of 90 x 53 or 33 square foot .. In all our colors.

The ADD-A-PORCH will work well with any tarp that has a pair of side panel pulls that are around 56" apart so the toggles can be sliped into , or use a cord with a loop on one end to slip the toggle into and run the other end to a purski knot to your ridge line cord this will let you slide the porch off to one side if you need it to be placed that way. [rain] if it does rain just lower your hiking poles or use a shorter stick so the water will run off the short side, we have tested the porch for over 3 months with several set ups and it works very well you can even lower one end so the water will run off one corner.

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