THE ''TAD POLE'' GOT A BIG BROTHER

Our newest tarp, made from 1.2 oz. double coated silicone ripstop nylon is rectangular with small triple catenary cuts to allow a tight pitch. In a standard size 10' x 10' the new tarp has straight walls for entry, cat cuts, and 4 tie outs on each side to keep wind noise low.  The 4 tie outs allow you to pitch like a door kit.  Options available for 132" and 144" RL. And option to get side panel pulls, These tarps are huge and will definitely give you the coverage you need.  Great for a camp shelter or family gatherings.  Hang it high, and you will have 100 sq. ft. of coverage. Our Outside Pole Mod Will Work Great With This Tarp, And The New Double Inside Pole Mod Really Opens It Up. All of our tarps are 99% water tight at the rigde line, so you may need to seam seal the ridge line for piece of mind


Also Would Like To Give A Shout Out To Spaceweasel ON HF.NET For Helping With The Name. ''BULLFROG''


Sometimes fabric comes in a tad bit heaver so the end product may be a couple oz over advertised weight not our vaught.


Standard Features:

  • 10'X10'
  • Options for 11'X10' and 12'X10' ridgelines
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Green, Brown,
  • Stuff sack included
  • Total pack weight: 10'X10' 19 oz., 11'X10' 21 oz., 12'X10' 22 oz.
  • Same quality you find in all of our custom gear

Custom made in North Carolina. 



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Price $150.00
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