A under quilt made for light weight camp chairs when you hit the trial in the winter or setting at base camp you can stay warm with the chair cozy, made from 1.1oz ripstop nylon and each channel is filled with our NEW BLEND DOWN 850/800  white goose down to keep your back side warm while setting, shock cord adjustment to get that perfect fit.This cozy quilt on a chair will be a great place for your four legged hiking buddy to sleep in and keep him or her warm on those cold nights and off the ground. This cozy quilt will fit several different camp chairs, and as always our top notch workman ship and service. Cozy quilt comes in black only. weights in @ 8oz  

            Cozy will fit the: REI Flexlite chair, Helinox, Helinox  sandard tall back ,Mayfly Alite,Travelchair-joey chair Standard ones. 


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