This Full Under Quilt is made from 0.95 oz. DWR SUPER SOFT ripstop nylon. And length is 45"X78" and is filled with 11 oz. of our NEW 900FP white goose down, and It is tested and certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.   This is the same down used in all of our down quilts. The Full Under Quilt features shock cord suspension and draw cord head and foot that allow you to get that perfect fit without leaving the hammock and mittens hooks to hook on your hammock suspension if you have a channel ends And has [2] loops on each side to help suspend on different hammocks , And a option to add more. And now we are offering a new size 45''x 72'' to fiT the shorter hanger and gets the same fill amount of down, Just check the box on what size you want.


Standard Features:               

  • Tapered cut (45" at head, 48" middle, 42" at foot)
  • Seven 2" Baffles run full length with differential cut
  • Colors: Black, Spurce Green or two tone Black/Green or two tone any color we offer
  • Stuff sack 11' x 6"
  • Total pack weight is 22.9 oz. for the 78'' & 21.9 oz for the 72'' (including stuff sack)
  •  NEW 0.95 oz DWR super soft ripstop, Speclite ul 15 All fabrics are water resistant 0.9 oz DWR super soft ripstop
  • Rated at 15o F

We don't claim to have the lightest weight quilt on the market, but we do claim to offer high quality craftsmanship and a quilt that will keep you warm with no worries.


             You can two tone any color we offer


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