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 All new for us here at WILDERNESS LOGICS a solo net tent for the ground dwellers  using .95 oz netting and 20d silnylon ripstop for the rain fly, very light weight and affordable comes in at 31 oz for both pieces . The inside of the tent we used a 40d water proof ripstop nylon [bath tube floor] and netting for the walls this allows for a great air flow , the rain fly stays off the netting 8-10 inches for air to circulate also the rain fly has a hugh vestibute with a zipper closure for your pack , shoes, etc. to stay dry under while sleeping, inside measures 7 foot long and 40" wide at opening and 30" at the foot end plenty of room for the side sleeper to have a good night sleep easy to pitch no poles to carry use your hiking pole to set up the inside body has a pocket for the pole to slide into,  tan rain fly and black floor and netting. Most problems with tents are air circulation this tent has a vent at the bottom so air can come in the head and out the foot end to get the full effect of air cirulating around you no condensation with this tent even in winter camp trips. You can buy rain fly and net tent spearate or save by getting both. Rain fly weighs in at 13oz and the netting comes in at 17 oz and the stuff sack is 1 oz. the height is 48" at the head and tapers down the height will depend on how close you are to the gorund when you set it up. WHEN YOU ORDER YOU ARE GETTING THE RAIN FLY FOR 79.95 OR NET WITH FLOOR 79.95 OR BOTH FOR 149.95..

 The story: We have 100's of customers stop by our shop and showroom to take a look at our gear nothing like seeing and touching before you buy, and several had ask if we would or ever thought of making a light and affordable tent. This is a great net tent with a great price

Standard Features

*31 oz - 34 oz with pegs and cord kit                

*Light weight                                                    


*Easy to pack

*Great air flow

*No poles

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Price $79.95
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