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This quilt has plenty of wiggle room!  The XXL Top Quilt is the largest top quilt we offer.  With all of the same standard features and quality of our other quilts, this quilt is built to last.  Made of 1.1 OZ DWR SUPER SOFT ripstop nylon, this quilt is overstuffed for a total of 16 oz of 900 FP goose down no duck down. This quilt designed with our big and tall customers in mind, gives added room in 63" wide 78" long design, including a 14" foot box. Standard is sewn foot box. Also a option to get a wide but short xxl top quilt a 63'' wide and 72'' long when the regular size may be to long but still need the width for the great coverage. just check the wide but short box below. Add a shock cord at head to tighten up around your shouilders. Add down and change the temp rating 1 oz of down will decrese the rating by 3*f. If you choose the snap drawcord foot box you will be able to open this quilt and lay flat with measurements of 63'' @ top and 50'' @ bottom use it like a blanket. All fabrics are water resistant

             NO WATER TREATMENT ON OUR DOWN         


  • 2 oz over filled of our new 900fp down
  • Removable fleece condensation patch
  • Extra wide and long
  • 14 2" baffles
  • Sewn foot box
  • Options drawstring foot box and snap
  • Add shock cord at top for shoulders
  • Rated to 15o F
  • Snap at head to snap around body
  • Total pack weight of 28 oz. sewn foot box 29 oz snaps and drawcord
  • Change temp ratings by adding down

Custom made in North Carolina. 

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Price $315.95
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