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The sock is made from a 1.1 oz ripstop breathable fabric that is a wind breaker, hammock hangs inside much like our bug net in shape and zipper placement. The sock will help in keeping the wind off of you while in your hammock during heavy winds, it will also increase the temp inside to help you maintian a warmer sleeping system in the winter. And will fit most 11 foot hammocks very well, made like our bug net with #5 zipper with double heads can be zipped inside or outside made oversized so it want crush the under quilt while in use. 6'' open at top of ridge line so your hammock suspension will pass through and also acts as a chimney for air flow and to help with condensation build up. 120'' ridge line 48" deep & 64" wide @ bottom weighs in at 12 oz Color Black

Try one this winter you will love the warmer sleeping area you will have

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